Index of dances


Highland Dances:


The Highland Fling

Seann Truibhas

The Sword Dance (Ghillie Callum)

Strathspey & Reels

Competitive National Dances:


Wilt thou go to the Barracks Johnnie?

The Scottish Lilt

Highland Laddie

Flora MacDonald’s Fancy

All the Blue Bonnets are over the Border

Scotch Measure

The Village Maid

Earl of Errol

Irish Jig

Sailor’s Hornpipe


Other Dances


Cakewalk Broadswords


Over the water to Charlie

Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling

Delvine Side Highland Fling John McNeil's Highland Fling
Lochaber Broad Swords Hebredian Laddie
Other Highland Fling Steps

Jackobite Sword Dance

Celtic Spirit Step  

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