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Kimberlee Cooper Kimberlee Cooper - Scotland

Age started dancing?

Why did you start?
My mum is a proud Scot and wanted me to appreciate my heritage and learn the national dance.

First teacher & current teacher?
Betty Sutherland

Competitive highlights?
Last August (2001) I fulfilled my ultimate goal of becoming the World Champion. Also in Edmonton 2000 winning the Millenium Sword.

Favourite competition?
Cowal and the Scotdance Championship series in Canada.

Why is this your favourite?
There is an amazing atmosphere at Cowal that you don't experience anywhere else. I like the Scotdance competition because it is fun and it's a change.

Non-competitive highlights?
In 1999 I went to Japan to demonstrate. This was a week that I will never forget - it was great to experience a completely different culture and I was amazed at how much they appreciate Scottish traditions.

Favourite dance & reason?
I love the Seann Triubhas because I feel quite free to move around and dance it the way I want to - it's less restricting than the others.

Funniest dancing memory?
I always find highland games and outdoor competitions very eventful and last year Bearsden Highland Games was no exception. I went up to dance the Highland Fling and right at the start the rain began to pour down - this rain was heavy even for Scotland. We had to dance it all the way through. By the end I was absolutely drenched through to my skin. My mum didn't find it very funny as it was a brand new waistcoat I was wearing!

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