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Sat, 23rd May, 2015

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North of Scotland Championship
entry form now up on
11 Jun 2013 20:14:29

Commonwealth championship 2013
entry form now uploaded on
06 Jun 2013 13:36:27

Kingdom of Fife Championship
entry form now uploaded
on toeandheel
29 Apr 2013 05:08:45

New date and venue for Forfar
Championship 22 Sep 2013.
Form uploaded on toeandheel
10 Apr 2013 07:38:36

RSPBA championship entry form
now up on toeandheel
27 Mar 2013 21:00:50

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    Tony Cargill Tony Cargill - Scotland

    Age started dancing?

    Why did you start?

    First teacher & current teacher?
    Linda Napier & Shendll Russell

    Competitive highlights?
    Winning the Worlds would have to be at the top of my list, but winning the Scottish Area finals is another because I love taking part in team events and this is the only event in Highland Dancing that I can do this.
    Becoming adult world champion in 2004.

    Favourite competition?
    The Worlds

    Why is this your favourite?
    Because of the sheer adrenaline rush that I get from taking part in such a high level of competition against many of the top dancers from all over the world.

    Non-competitive highlights?
    Performing at the Amsterdam Arena in front of 60,000 people and also going to Beijing and performing at various venues there.

    Favourite dance & reason?
    Gillie Chalium (Swords) - It is such a challenge to get through and perform at such a high standard without kicking the sword, that when I do, it is such a great feeling.

    Funniest dancing memory?
    There have been several funny moments in my dancing career and the most recent one would be from the Friday of the Worlds this year (2002), just before my reel. I was tying my shoes , when SNAP went my lace, luckily I got a lace from another dancer who had just come off from their own reel. But to top it all off, when sorting out my lace I decided to drop my hap in a puddle!

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