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Kelsie Lynn Zebrun Kelsie Lynn Zebrun - Canada

Age started dancing?

Why did you start?
My mom's side of the family is from Scotland and I thought Highland Dancing sounded interesting and wanted to give it a

First teacher & current teacher?
My first and only teachers have been Keltie Stowkowy and Pierie and Gail Danysk

Competitive highlights?
Winning my first Provincial Championship when I was 9 and receiving a gold medal in my sword dance on the qualifying day of Worlds.

Favourite Competition?
The Worlds forsure! I also enjoyed the Millennium Championship in 2000 in Scotland.

Why is this your favourtie?
The Worlds is amazing, I never thought I could get that nervous and the adrenaine rush of dancing with the most talented dancers in the world is so overwhelming.(And the Scottish candy is good too.)

Non-competitive highlights?
There are so many! Definitely all the amazing friends I have made and the interesting places I have traveled to with dancing, I will always be extremely grateful for that.

Favourite dance & reason?
I love the Reel because it is the only dance you do with a group of people and propelled-pivot turns can be a lot of fun.

Funniest dancing memory?
I was very young and it was one of the first times I ever competed the Sword Dance. The piper stopped in the middle of the last step and the other girls dancing with me got confused and stopped. I knew I wasn't finished the last step so I kept dancing but I got a bit carried away and forgot when to end, so I kept going around my sword until I got flustered and started crying.

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