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Zara Hirtsch Zara Hirtsch - England

Age started dancing?
I was just turned 3 years of age

First & current teacher??
First Teacher: Mandy Wilson - Corby England

Current Teacher: Irene McKechnie - Grangemouth Scotland

Why did you start?
My mum used to go with her friend to watch her daughter dancing and
thought it would be interesting for me and my sister (Emma to do it

Competitive highlights?
This would have to be qualifying for the World Championship finals 2
years in a row.

Favourite competition?
Cowal Highland Gathering

Reason why?
It is just a great feeling working towards the worlds and also dancing
on the platform in front of the grandstand gives me a great buzz! I
also love this competition as it gives you the opportunity to meet
people from all over the world.

Non-competitive highlights?
I have had so many non-competitive highlights which include dancing at
the Royal Albert Hall 2 years in a row, I have danced at the SECC in
Glasgow, danced at Hampden Park for the World Superbowl final in 1993 and also me and my little sister used to dance with a local police pipe band in concerts which was great!

Favourite dance & reason?
This would have to be the Highland Fling mainly because its normally
the first dance you do at a competition and it gives you the opportunity
to make the judge look at you. It is also a good dance as you can make
it look graceful.

Funniest dancing memory?
I was dancing at the National competition in November and I was warming
up for the Hornpipe and the lining up place was right behind the
dancefloor where everyone could see. I was doing a few jumps and I
caught my foot on a chair behind me and fell flat on my back side. I
tried to get up casually but unfortunatly for me I looked up and
everyone was laughing at me (including the judge)! After all that I got
placed 1st in that dance!

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