Advanced Highland TechniqueTM was created by 10 times World Highland Dancing Champions Deryck and Gareth Mitchelson in March 2001.

The goal behind Advanced Highland Technique was to establish a series of instructional videos and DVDs focusing on Highland, National and Hornpipe and Jig technique.

Dancers are always looking to maximise their potential but from time to time they geographical or financial constraints can restrict access to teachers. The AHT DVDs can fill that gap

Our first videos were produced in 2001 and our DVD in 2004 with the ChampionshipStepsDVDTM following soon thereafter. These DVDs are provided an aid to dancers, parents and dance professionals practicing Highland Dancing and should be viewed as an essential extension to dance class tuition. Great care is taken to focus on the building block technical components which are then developed into steps and then dances.

Dances are broken down into their constituent parts, each DVD showing the technique in detail accompanied by commentary from Deryck & Gareth.

We have received feedback from dancers, parents, teachers and judges stating how useful they have found it to watch, rather than just read or listen to, technique - we believe that you will find them to be useful too.

DVDs available are:

Highland - Volumes 1 and 2 - buy here
Jig and Hornpipe - Volume 3 - buy here
Nationals - Volume 4 - buy here
Championship Steps - details here

Now also available as apps for your iPhone / iPod or iPad

2013 Championship Steps -