'Awakening' was one of our original pieces which, as its title suggests, reflects the changing moods and energies of the dancers as they are aroused from a soft and deliberate introduction, through graceful formations, growing steadily in intensity and, as the music picks up pace, finishes with a burst of activity and spirit.

The piece has evolved over the years and for 2005 now has a fresh look.

Some photos from a performance of 'Awakening' (2005) have been included on this page.

Dancers involved:awakening3.jpg

Gemma Baillie
Shelly Chalmers
Claire Hammel
Allison Gentles
Ruth Johnstone
Loretta McLaughlin
Rachel McLean
Jenny Strachan
Isla Woodman
Tony Cargill
Mats Melin
Deryck & Gareth Mitchelson

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