cslogo1.gif'Crossing Over'

The dance company has continued being busy developing new work and refreshing old work.

In October 2003 we completed a new piece entitled 'Crossing Over'.

'Crossing Over' is a 30 minute dance piece using a blend of distinct Scottish dance forms, including Highland, Step and contemporary, demonstrating how the peculiar characteristics of each form can be used to compliment and indeed enhace the charateristics of the others.

The strength of male Highland Dance and percussive rhythms of Step are contrasted with the more contemporary dancing of the females as the dancers cross over from one style to another and as the 'Fling' crosses over from traditional hard shoe to modern soft shoe versions and then onwards ....

A 10 minute extract of 'Crossing Over' was premiered at the 'Defining Moments' showcase which took place at the Space, Dundee between 6 and 8 November 2003.

The 'Crossing Over' development was made possible by funding from Scottish Arts Council funding.

Dancers involved:

Gemma Baillie
Allison Gentles
Loretta McLaughlin
Isla Woodman
Mats Melin
Deryck & Gareth Mitchelson

Music developed and produced (under commission) by 'the Cutting Edge'

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