cslogo1.gif'Crossing Over' 2005crossingover3.jpg

In 2005 we took the opportunity to take another look at 'Crosing Over', making some small and several not insignificant changes to the original piece.

The focus of the piece has not changed but some new more dramatic sections have been added.

It is still a somewhat experimental piece working to combine the different strengths and characteristics of distinct Scottish dance styles to produce an end result greater that the sum of the individual parts:

- traditional highland performed in a contemporary style
- graceful national dances performed in harmony with traditional step
- a lyrical take on the highland fling and broadswords
- and a finale piece combining all of the above and perhaps a bit more!

Some photos from our performance in February 2005 have been included on this page.


Dancers involved:

Gemma Baillie
Catherine Bell
Shelly Chalmers
Claire Hammel
Allison Gentles
Ruth Johnstone
Loretta McLaughlin
Rachel McLean
Jenny Strachan
Isla Woodman
Tony Cargill
Mats Melin
Deryck & Gareth Mitchelson