Deryck & Gareth Mitchelson are available for:

• judging

• teaching

• examining

• workshops

• demonstrations

Their qualifications include judging and teaching certificates and cover Highland and Scottish Step dancing.

They are members of the SOBHD world-wide judges panel by virtue of having sat and passed a judges examination (comprising written papers and oral examinations on the dance technique, the various rules and organisation asepcts that govern dance competitions and judging a mock competition).

They are also fellow members and examiners of the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dance (more commonly know as the UKA) whose examination tests a candidate's in depth knowledge of dance technique and teaching methods.

Deryck & Gareth are qualified to examine in Highland dancing and Scottish Step dancing (having just completed the production of a Scottish Step Dancing exam syllabus for the UKA - see the ScottishStep website for further details).

contact Deryck & Gareth

Gareth Mitchelson
74 Dalhousie Street, Monifieth
Angus DD5 4EQ, Scotland
Telephone +44 (0)1382 532385 or
email gareth@celticspiritdance.com