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We offer a variety of CD's and DVD's to help the dancer, including:

  • Pure Delight CD containing music for the main competitive dances at SOBHD recommended tempos
  • Advanced Highland Technique DVD's and apps
  • ChampionshipStepsDVDTM

Also available are apps and software for scrutineering or recording results

  • Highland ScrutineerTM and ScrutineerLiteTM for the competition organiser
  • HighlandResultsTM
  • Competition SearchTM

This DVD looks at the Sailors Hornpipe and Irish Jig, covering all of the

- movements
- steps
- breaks
- introductions
- endings

as contained in the Hornpipe and Jig book issued by the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing (2004 Version).

Steps and movements are described and demonstrated by World Champions Deryck and Gareth Mitchelson and Rachel McLean.

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"Pure Delight" music for dancers by dancers!

Primary dances / tempo - 16 pdb, pdb & HC, fling (4), swords (2 & 1)

Championship dances - Fling (4, 6, 6* ), Swords (2 & 1, 3 & 1, 2 & 2*, 3 & 1*), S/T (3 & 1, 4 & 2, 4 & 2 *), Hullachan (half, full), S/ Highland Reel *, S/Reel of Tulloch *, S/ Highland Reel & Reel of Tulloch *

National dances - B/J ( 4, 6), H/L ( 4, 6), Flora ( 4, 6), Lilt ( 4, 6), Blue Bonnets (6), Scotch Measure (6), Earl of Errol (6), Village Maid (6), Jig ( 4, 6), Hornpipe ( 4, 6)

* => SOBHD recommended tempos (2006)

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Highland Scrutineer 2017 is a professional software application written to aid the administration and running of Highland Dancing competitions worldwide. This version is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 10, and incorporates the new scrutineering points system as approved by the SOBHD in November 2016 which is mandatory for use from January 2017 onwards.

Highland Scrutineer is ideal for any type of competition from large National championship events to smaller local competitions. It provides a facility for easy printing of stewarding sheets. Reports can be viewed, printed, saved as HTML for upload to your website or exported to Excel.

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Highland Hustle aims to get people dancing no matter their age, shape or ability and this workout allows you to try out Highland Hustle at home to build fitness and confidence to attend a class or to get your extra ‘fix’ of Highland Hustle in the week! If you don’t yet have a class near you then why not give Highland Hustle at go? Skip between chapters to vary your workout each time.

*PLEASE NOTE: DVD’S are currently available for UK only

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Visual demonstrations, with a general commentary, covering the positions of the feet, arms & head together with the basic movements and steps required for the 16 pas de basques, pas de basques and highcuts, Highland Fling and Sword Dance

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Championship Steps DVDTM: SOBHD 2021 steps.

Steps, linkings and technique by World Champion and former delegate to the SOBHD Technical Committee - Gareth Mitchelson.

Video run time approx 58 minutes

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