The Rules (Summary)

The Pitch
The basic size of the pitch that the game will be played on is 28m x 15m (94ft x 50ft). This is a standard size Basketball court.

Pitch Surface
The surface of the pitch must be hard, smooth, and level for easy maneuverability of the powerchairs. The use of wood or artificial material is recommended.

The Ball
The game is played using a 13″ (33 cm) Football.

Playing Equipment
Any Powerchair can be used to play, but special Sports Powerchairs are recommended for competitive match play. Playing attachments are used to protect the players feet and used for the contact with the ball.

Number of Players
A team is made up of up to 8 players, with 4 players on the pitch at any time. One of these players must be the goalkeeper. There is unlimited Substitutes.

Match Duration
A match is 40 minutes long. This is played in two 20 minute halves, with a 10 minute break.

Ball In and Out of Play
If a ball leaves the field of play, a Push In (equivalent to a throw in), a Corner or Goal Kick will be awarded.

Tackling is only allowed using Bumper contact. If any other part of the wheelchair is used, a foul and free kick will be awarded. Tackling can only take place between two opposing players. If a second defender becomes involved, a free kick will be awarded.

Penalty Area
Only 2 players from the defending team may enter the penalty area at any one time.

A Goal is scored when the whole ball crosses the Goal line between the two Goalposts

Full Rules will be available on the SPFA website

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