Coaching staff

In the summer of 2018 we re-organised our playing teams and coaching staff and proud to have:

Premiership Team Head Coach – Gary Johnston

Championship Team head Coach – Gareth Mitchelson

Gary Johnston
Gary’s involvement with Tayside Dynamos started in 2014 when his son – Alexander – started playing with the team.

Gary introduced the Dynamo’s ethos – teamwork, determination and respect – to the team and together with a focus on tactics soon became the most successful coach in the SPFA winning the Challenge Cup, Scottish Cup, League Cup and Scottish League 3 years in succession.

Gareth Mitchelson
Gareth’s involvement with Tayside Dynamos started in 2015 when his son – Logan – started playing with the club.

Initially helping the team as a ‘roady’ – carrying balls, goals, cones etc Gareth’s interest developed and soon he was helping Gary Johnstone (Coach) during the weekly training sessions. Gareth became assistant coach for season 2016/2017 becoming more involved with the development of team training, skills and tactics and then Team Coach in May 2017.

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